In anticipation for Jay-z and Kanye West’s “Watch the Throne” Album, yours truly put together a 2 and a half hour, greatest hits, mixape! Tracklisting coming soon, maybe when I get back in town. Probably Monday. Buy the album! In stores now! Deluxe Edition available at Best Buy and Itunes.



**EDIT 08/17/2011
01] jayz/kanye-intro [fade to black]
02] kanye west-big brother [graduation]
03] jayz-hardknock life [hardknock life vol 2]
04] kanye west-all of the lights (ft rihanna) [my beautiful dark twisted fantasy]
05] kanye west/jayz-illest motherf*cker alive [watch the throne]
06] kanye west/jayz-h.a.m. [watch the throne]
07] jayz-big pimpin [life & times of s.carter]
08] kanye west-amazing [808s and heartbreaks]
09] jayz-already home (ft kid cudi) [the blueprint 3]
10] jayz-u dont know (remix) [the blueprint 2]
11] kanye west-through the wire [college dropout]
12] kanye west/jayz-never let me down [college dropout]
13] jayz-kingdom come [kingdome come]
14] jayz-death of autotune [the blueprint 3]
15] kanye west-hell of a life [my beautiful dark twisted fantasy]
16] jayz/kanye west-run this town (ft rihanna) [the blueprint 3]
17] jayz-take over [the blueprint]
18] jayz-renegade (ft eminem) [the blueprint]
19] kanye west-cant tell me nothing [graduation]
20] jayz-real as it gets [the blueprint 3]
21] jayz-thank you [the blueprint 3]
22] kanye west/jayz-so appalled (ft swizz beats) [my beautiful dark twisted fantasy]
23] jayz-feelin it [reasonable doubt]
24] jayz/kanye west-primetime [watch the throne]
25] kanye west-jesus walks [college dropout]
26] jayz-lucifer [the black album]
27] jayz/kanye west-murder to excellence [watch the throne]
28] jayz-my name is hov [the black album]
29] kanye west-the blame game (ft john legend) [808s and heartbreaks]
30] jayz-a million and one questions (ft aaliyah) [in my lifetime]
31] kanye west-drunk and hot girls [graduation]
32] jayz-girls, girls girls pt 2 [the blueprint]
33] kanye west-heartless [808s and heartbreaks]
34] jayz-justify my thug [the black album]
35] jayz-success [american gangster]
36] kanye west/jayz-welcome to the jungle (ft swizz beats) [watch the throne]
37] jayz-change the game [roc la familia]
38] kanye west/jayz-monster (ft rick ross) [my beautiful dark twisted fantasy]
39] jayz-money, cash, hoes [hardknock life vol 2]
40] kanye west/jayz-diamonds are forever [late registration]
41] jayz-who you wit II [in my lifetime]
42] kanye west-i wonder [808s and heartbreaks]
43] jayz-cant knock the hustle [reasonable doubt]
44] kanye west-all falls down [college dropout]
45] kanye west-flashing lights [graduation]
46] kanye west-gold digger (ft jamie foxx) [late registration]
47] jayz/kanye west-swagger like us [papertrail]
48] jayz-excuse me miss (ft pharrell) [the blueprint 2]
49] kanye west-christian dior flow [good fridays]
50] jayz-the watcher 2 [the blueprint 2]
51] jayz-you, me, him, her [dynasty roc la familia]
52] jayz-roc boys (and the winner is) [american gangster]
53] kanye west-touch the sky [late registration]
54] jayz-change clothes [the black album]
55] kanye west-stronger [graduation]
56] kanye west-love lockdown [808s and heartbreaks]
57] jayz/kanye west-who gon stop me [watch the throne]
58] kanye west/jayz-power [my beautiful dark twisted fantasy]

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