December and an update on my finger

Finally, my birthday month. I get excited about my birthday as much as I get excited for a bowl of spicy gumbo soup. It’s great but it’s not anything to make a big deal about. I haven’t made a big deal about since I had a girlfriend and it was only big deal because she made it a big deal. Anyways, the cut on my finger is slowly healing. I got upgraded to a smaller splint. I had the stitches removed last Friday. With this smaller splint, I can now play video games and move the mouse around with my right hand! My bowling average has improved from a 103 to a 120. I recently bowled a 181 and a 206 game with my left hand! I’m quite pleased with my progress. I am going to attempt to DJ in the following days, maybe I can post a mix next week or something. In the meantime, someone go with me to this:

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